Mosaikashop: dates des ateliers été – automne Mosaikashop Classes: summer and fall dates


MARTIN CHEEK SEPTEMBER 15-16. still some spaces available, see info below.


 weekend :15 juin, 20 juillet, 3 août, 7 septembre, 12 octobre, 2 novembre, 7 décembre.

 5 semaines de jour : 6 juin. 11 juillet, 15 août, 19 septembre,24 octobre, 28 novembre.

5 semaines de soir : 12 juin, 17 juillet, 21 aout, 16 octobre, 20 novembre.

Voir site web. pour toutes les informations détaillées sur ce cours.

MOSAIQUE ROMAINE  28 septembre, 26 octobre, 16 novembre.

MOSAIQUE PICASSIETTE 9 juin, 7 juillet, 18 aout,1 septembre, 6 octobre, 10 novembre, 1 décembre ou en semaine, sur rendez-vous.

MOSAIQUE HOMMAGE À HUNDERTWASSER 28 juillet, 25 août, 22 septembre, 27 octobre, 24 novembre

CAMP DE JOUR POUR ENFANT 7-11ANSréservations en continu durant l’été pour la période du 10 juillet jusqu’à la fin août.

Martin Cheek is starting his Canadian tour at Mosaikashop! Reserve your spot NOW! 2-day class September 15 and 16. $340, includes materials and taxes *deposit required*. This class will be given in English only, with a British accent.

Smalti, Millefiori and Glass Fusion Workshop


Explore the vast world of Mosaics with world renowned Master Mosaic Artist, Martin Cheek. Martin will instruct students about integrating fused pieces into a mosaic.


This course aims to provide an opportunity for those who are new to smalti millefiori and / or glass fusions. The experienced participants will expand on those existing skills and develop your personal style and creativity.
As a unique feature, Martin can pre-make bespoke fusions especially for the course participants. The participant emails Martin the design plus dimensions a few weeks in advance, and then Martin can make fusions of fish fins, butterfly wings, etc. This worked very well at the SAMA = Society of American Mosaic Artists annual conference in Chicago in 2010 and proved very popular with members.
Please note: it will NOT be possible for participants to make their own fusions in this workshop. All the glass fusions will be pre-made by Martin and provided on the workshop along with a range of millefiori and Mexican smalti.


During the course you will design and make a mosaic of 12 x 16 inches or 12 x 12 inches in area. Martin will provide these MDF substrates. Participants can work to different and larger dimensions if they wish, but in that case they must bring their own substrates.


At the beginning of the day of the course Martin will give a 45 minute PowerPoint slideshow showing how smalti, millefiori and glass fusions are made. Using examples of his own work, Martin will demonstrate how these materials can be incorporated into mosaics for great effect.

Participants will then begin working on their mosaics.

Martin will then give individual tuition and by looking at the participant’s designs will suggest how these different materials can be applied to your artwork.

It would be really useful if you could bring with you two design ideas for your mosaic. Try to make your ideas different from each other, so that we will be able to discuss the various mosaic possibilities, which your designs will suggest to me. Your designs should be between a square foot: 12 x 12 inches (30 x 30 cm), in area up to a maximum of A3: 12 x 16 inches (30 x 40 cm) – if you want to finish your mosaic during the course.

Keep you designs simple and bold – remember that the smalti briquettes average 2cm x 1 cm in size so don’t make your design too fiddly! A quick glance at my website: of any of my books will show you what I mean, but please don’t copy my mosaics – you could do that at home!

If you don’t have time to prepare any designs before the course, then try and bring some sort of pictorial reference with you. This could be anything from a book to a greetings card that you like or even a piece of wrapping paper or packaging that may have caught your eye. If you can decide and resolve your design beforehand, this will save you valuable time on the first day. Martin will be happy for you to email your design to him in advance, in order to discuss this with you.


How many hours will we work each day?
Martin will teach from 10 – 4.30 with an hours lunch break.
Participants are allowed to work until 6 on the first day (and second day if it is a 3 day course)and arrive at 9 on the second (and third if it is a 3 day course)when they can work unassisted if they wish

Will we be using hammer and hardie or mosaic cutters?
Participants will need to bring their own mosaic cutters or purchase some from the venue. Martin recommend Lepponit wheel nippers or similar for cutting smalti. We will not be using a hammer and hardie..

If we don’t finish will we be able to take the needed glass to finish later on our own?

The course fee includes mexican smalti, + 100g of Martin’s fusions + an A3 = 12 x 16 substrate + Wellbond glue.

Atelier ‘Style Mosaika’ avec Suzanne

Voir tous les informations dans le site web Mettez vous à jour des chefs d’œuvres produit par Mosaika! visitez aussi leur blog d’installations, c’est à voir!

Mosaika Style mosaics with Suzanne. See all the information about our regular classes. Keep up-to-date with Mosaika’s fabulous works by visiting their website, and visit their installation blog too, it is a must see!

Atelier de Mosaïque Romaine en weekend intensif


Vittorio et Suzanne

Cours unique au Québec! Le cours est offert avec un spécialiste dans le domaine.

Apprenez la technique ancienne de la mosaïque classique Romaine avec l’utilisation de la marteline et du tranchet.
Réalisez un détail d’une mosaïque Romaine fait avec du marbre.
Vendredi de 18h à 20h, samedi de 10h à 16h, dimanche de 11h à 16.
Coût: 285$ marteline et tranchet incluse ou

185$ apportez votre marteline et tranchet!

Les ateliers libres sont inclus dans le cours si vous ne finissez pas votre œuvre en un weekend.
La mosaïque et technique est bonne pour des installations intérieur et extérieur.
Inscrivez-vous en écrivant à

Learn the traditional technique of classic Roman mosaics using the hammer and hardy.
You will make a detail of a roman mosaic using marble.
Friday from 6pm-8pm; Saturday from 10am to 4pm, Sunday from 11am to 4pm.
Cost $285 hammer and hardy included or $185 bring your own hammer and hardy
Open studio time is included in the price if you don’t finish your mosaic in a weekend.
The technique taught is for indoor and outdoor mosaic installations.
Reserve your spot by sending an email to

Atelier Picassiette avec Suzanne 

Réalisez un pot de fleur ou miroir ou babillard fait avec des bouchons de vin*nouveau*. De 10h30 à 12h30. Apportez votre propre vaisselle, pour personnaliser votre œuvre. Bienvenue aux enfants à partir de 7ans. $50.  Le prix inclus les ateliers libre si vous ne terminez pas votre œuvre.  Réservez votre place

Picassiette workshop: Mosaic a flower pot or mirror or billboard made with corks *new*. Timing, from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Bring your own broken crockery to personal your work. Children are most welcome as of 7 years of age. Price: 50$. Price includes open studio time if you don’t finish.  Reserve your spot by writing to

Cours Hommage à Hundertwasser avec Suzanne


Atelier d’un jour consacré à la coupe des smalti en petits morceaux – ‘micro’ et installation de l’œuvre sans coulis.

L’atelier portera sur la technique de coupe des smalti, (ces merveilles de la tradition byzantine venant du Mexique) et sur la bonne utilisation de la pince à molette, cet outil pas toujours facile à maîtriser! Le projet mesure 5 x 7 po, l’image sera imposée, mais vous auriez un choix. Le sujet sera d’après une œuvre de Hundertwasser, la coqueluche de Mosaikashop!

Horaire: samedi,  10h30-16h.

Prix: $100

One day workshop totally dedicated to cutting smalti in small pieces ‘micro’ and doing an installation without grout.

This workshop is dedicated to the technique of cutting smalti, these marvelous tiles from Mexico in the byzantine tradition. You will learn the ideal method of using the wheeled nippers, this tool not always easy to master! The project will measure 5X7inches, the design will be imposed but you will have a choice. The subject will be according to works of Hundertwasser, so much adored at Mosaikashop!

Nouveau! Camp de jour d’été  pour enfant de 7 à 11ans

 avec Amal et Jeanine

(et parfois Suzanne !)


10 juillet jusqu’à la fin août.

Du mardi au vendredi de 10h30-12h30.

4 jours $160 ou $50 par cours

Ateliers aux choix :

Mosaïque :  style ‘Mosaika’

Picassiette : pot de fleur 

Picassiette : miroir

Bling- bling : Ornaments

Réservez dès maintenant !

Pas de dépôt requis :

New! Summer Day Camp for Children ages 7 to 11. With Amal and Jeanine and sometimes Suzanne!

July 10 til the end of August

Tuesdays to Fridays from 10:30am to 12:30pm

4 days $160 or $50 per class

Workshop to choose from:

Mosaika style mosaics

Picassiette: flower pot

Picassiette: mirror

Bling-bling ornaments

Reserve as of today! No deposit required: