Suzanne’s Furniture Sale

img_8267– Red laquered Ikea bookcase can have books on both sides and can be placed vertically. Excellent condition: $70

– Rectangluar cube bookcase,can be placed vertically: Excellent condition: $40

img_8268-4 Shelves Ikea bookcase: Excellent condition: $60

img_8269-Cube bookcase all wood: Excellent condition: $40

img_8343– Ikea Hemma blue dresser: Excellent condition $150

img_8344-Ikea small dresser perfect for socks and underwear: $20

img_8345-Ikea Tv Stand:$15


-Vintage Ikea wood desk with a wall unit attachment: $60


-Same desk as above, vintage Ikea all wood desk (surface slightly damaged surface by use of cutter by the notorious mosaic artist Luca Barberini, so the table is actually worth more) $40


-Vintage slanted drawing table where I made most of my mosaic rug works. It has a little defect but is reparable. $150 (reserved)


-Large armoir with shelves inside,  antique imitation but all wood and  really nice and practical: $275

img_82541img_82561-Mosaic dining table 140cm wide, sits 4-8 people, with Roch Bobois inspired wrought iron frame, the mosaic is detachable for transport but is heavy: $250

img_82521-Camel mosaic table: $150 SOLD


-50cm wide and 51cm height mosaic table $300

IMG_9802-Indian drawers that I treasure so. $500 SOLD

IMG_9805-Vintage furniture in mint condition $400

IMG_9807-Indian rice table from INDIA with metal tray from Turkey $300 SOLD

IMG_9806-Teek chairs never been outside $20 each (SOLD), but $15 for the one with the missing teek strip.

IMG_9803-My comfy dining chairs in mint condition $40.

IMG_9804-Handmade genuine French colonial dining chairs made in France. $150 each. In mint condition, I adore them so.

IMG_9808-The love of my life, my Kenwood. $100 comes with all attachments, blender, meat grinder (never used), orange juicer. In excellent condition but has worked a lot.





I live on the ground floor so pick up is easy I have a large garage door!