**NEW ***NEW- Mosaic materials for sale

You will find here materials for sale. I suggest you follow (bottom right of this page) this blog as I will regularly post new things for sale and will delete those that have sold out….for a start just a few materials for sale here. To order just email me the quantities, your address and phone number and I shall call you when your package is ready. suzanne@mosaikashop.com

Mosaika’s amazing textured tiles and colours….$28.50 the kilo. 900gr covers 12inby12ines.

Mix lightly textured greens

Extra textured greens

Textured browns


Bisazza coulours. Prices: group (1)- $25/kg;  gr(2)-$40/kg; gr(3) $60/kg;  gr(4) $70/kg. Millefiori 100gr is 20$, purchase the quatities you want.