Mosaikashop Nomad in collaboration with Fadia & Akram Gabra of Glass Mosaic Canada, is proud to teach you a 4-day workshop and offer a presentation open to all in Toronto, Canada. Tuesday September 4 to Friday the 7th, 2018.

Every Camel Tells A Story


Every Rug Tells A Story*

Suzanne Spahi is honored to be invited to teach at the studio of Fadia and Akram Gabra of Glass Mosaic Canada, the center for the mosaic world in Toronto. Suzanne will teach a 4-day miniature mosaic workshop using smalti and will give a slide-show presentation about her story, which has been recently published!


In recent years she has traveled extensively, especially in Italy exhibiting her miniature mosaic rugs. This has lead her to be invited to teach her method and to tell her story all around the world.

She proposes her visit in 2 parts.

Part 1 The presentation:


Every Camel Tells A Story and/or Every Rug Tells A Story.

She tells her fascinating journey of making oriental rugs in miniature mosaic and then realizing that every one of these rugs do tell a story! This part is open to all. She will also speak about her being part of a collective book publication entitled, Daughters of the Nile, Egyptian women changing their world.

Part 2: The workshop:


blogAvril9Students will learn the fine art of creating miniature mosaics using a mix of Italian, Mexican, and vintage smalti, and millefiori. You will learn the exact technique she uses in the making of her oriental rugs.  The design used for the learning process will be according to the charming and whimsical works of Hundertwasser.

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You will make a small decorative mosaic measuring 5X7 inches using the ‘Mosaika Method’ from Mosaikashop’s sister company Mosaika . she teaches how to work on a temporary support and the mosaic requires no grouting. The challenge of this workshop is the cutting of the small pieces as small as 3mm and she will explain how to combine these pieces with bigger ones to bring balance to the work visually. The last day of the class students will learn the delicate process of transferring the mosaic onto the wood surface and she will explain the colored glue recipe. Mastering this transfer process took her 5 years to master! It is quite a story!

She is very meticulous in her teaching, and students will be individually guided constantly on the working method. She passes on all her little tricks of the trade from her 20 years of teaching.

About the designs: The subject is based on the works of Hundertwasser, the design pattern you get will be a surprise! Each student will be given a different one as a kit. Of course, you are most welcome to trade with your colleagues.

About Hundertwasser:

Everybody asks her: Why don’t we do a rug detail?

Answer: Time restraint. The project would have to be bigger to show the feel and detail of an oriental rug.

Come prepared, you need:

-Patience, but as of the second day you will find the process very meditative.

-A quiet atmosphere for concentration, it is required when working small and especially because she is keen on giving the utmost individual attention. She asks that chatting be kept to a minimum.

Included in the class fee:

Smalti: aprox 350gr

Substrate: 5”x7″

Adhesives and colorants

Not included:

24K gold leaf smalti, but I encourage you to bring any smalti you have from your private collection, Suzanne will even have some to gift you from her collection.

Students will need to bring:

Mosaic wheeled nippers

Tea towel

Mosaic tweezers

4-Day Workshop Price:


Date: Tuesday September 4th to Friday the 7th, 2018.

Timings: 4 days from 10am to 4pm includes break for lunch.

Presentation: 2 hours, I will speak about my journey into mosaics from the recently published book which I am a part of. Exact day and timing during her stay, to be announced.


686 The Queensway,
Toronto, Ontario,
Canada, M8Y1K9

Reserve your spot now via Fadia & Akram, $125 deposit required upon registration:

416.252.8453 or 866.946.8453

Their website :

Questions about the workshop :

View a selection of Suzanne’s oriental rugs: