To Moscow and Tarusa, Russia with love…

This blog is a survey! Mosaikashop Nomad in collaboration with Marco Bravura are curious to know how many of you would be interested in such a unique mosaic Masterclass on sculpture with world famous Marco Bravura. You can email me your interest and comments:


To Moscow and Tarusa, Russia with love… Mosaikashop Nomad in collaboration with Marco Bravura is proud to organize a mosaic retreat Masterclass in Tarusa, Russia in the Spring of 2019.

We propose to you a 12-day stay in the Spring of 2019 with a 3-day tour of Moscow to start.

Take advantage of this unique mosaic experience in Russia!

The first days upon arrival we will welcome you by immersing you in Moscow with a guided 2-night stay with cultural tour of the major sites of Moscow. We want you to get the feel of this most unique city before you take on an 8-day sculptural mosaic workshop nature retreat experience in Tarusa where you will participate in hands on learning in the fabrication of sculptures in the studio of Marco Bravura at Dom Literatorov for an Art Park.

First we do Moscow for 2 nights and 3 days then we take on Tarusa:

kremlin museum

pushkin-museumTretyakov Museum

A visit to Moscow is a must! We propose to you upon arrival a tour of Moscow with a 2-night stay where you will be able to visit museums such as the Kremlin, Tretiakova, Pushkin museums and a general guided tour of the city by bus and a tour of Moscow’s infamous museum-like underground.

Then we take on Tarusa for 8 days!


Students will learn and collaborate with Maestro Marco Bravura in a full immersion course in the fabrication of some sculptures that are three-dimensional and bi-dimensional. Selected works will be placed in the Art Park, situated in the heart of the town of Tarusa.


The works may also be for the façade of the Dom Literatorov building (House of writers). Students will be housed in this beautiful building where the mosaic studio is also located.

The Masterclass is for 8 days and will have a minimum of 5 and maximum 10 students. This course is addressed for mosaicists and mosaic enthusiasts with basic experience of the mosaic techniques. This class is open to speakers of English, French, Italian and Spanish.


Students will have maximum access to the studio from early morning to late evening if they wish!


For breaks students will be treated to special activities, included in the package in Tarusa.

concert hall

A classical concert in the music hall of Dom Literatov.

Cooking lessons of typical Russian traditional dishes.

A visit by boat to the Palenova museum.

Unforgettable strolls along the riverbank.

Tarusa is a most unique retreat in an area filled with the beauty of Russian nature.

About the Art Park Project:

parkproject3park project

The project of the Art Park was born from the joint work of architecture students, Russian and French, gathered in a 8-day Masterclass workshop, hosted in Dom Literatorov with the guidance of architects Наринэ Тютчева (Narine Tyutcheva) and Eugeny Asse, Rector school of Architecture MARCH – Московская Архитектурная Школа, in Moscow.

Воркшоп: Таруса / Новый старый город is the link to the Facebook page of the workshop of Architecture’s students…


About Tarusa:


Tarusa, also known as Tarussa, is a town and the administrative center of Tarussky District in Kaluga Oblast, Russia, located on the left bank of the Oka River, 76 kilometers northeast of Kaluga, and aprox 100 kilometers from Moscow.

Read about Tarusa on Wikie!

The program looks like this:

-People arrive in Moscow for the 3-day tour on a Friday.

-We then leave as a group to Tarusa on a Sunday late afternoon.

-Class will be from Monday to Friday

-Saturday and Sunday students will have free time to participate in the special activities of their choice we will offer.

-Students return home on a Thursday.

People are asked to arrive on a Friday in Moscow and leave Tarusa on a Thursday. You could prolong your stay in Moscow at your own expense, we will be happy to help you with hotel reservations if you want to stay longer.

*Approximative cost: 1820 Euro includes hotel, 3 meals per day, special activities in Tarusa.

*Approximative cost of Moscow tour and hotel upon arrival (evening lunch and dinner not included): 300Euro

*prices subject to change in view of the fluctuating ruble.

Each person is required to book their own air ticket to Russia and to arrange for their Visa. We will of course give you the basic procedures to follow.

Deposit of 300euro required upon completion of registration form which will be sent to you as soon as the minimum amount of people have reserved.

Final payment due upon arrival.

Language of instruction: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian…. several interpreters will be available.

About Marco Bravura:


Marco Bravura was born in 1949 in Ravenna. He lives and works between Moscow and Ravenna.

He graduated from the Institute of Mosaic Art G. Severini in Ravenna and then moved to Venice, where he studied at the Fine Arts Academy. After many years spent traveling around various parts of the world, in the eighties Marco settled again in Ravenna, where he opened his own atelier. The importance of the genius loci as a fundamental expression of a subjective identity, and as a strong testimony of one’s own homeland has been repeatedly underlined by many art critics: in Ravenna the genius loci is definitely the mosaic tradition, leading Marco to focus his artistic production on this medium. He fully maximized these origins, combining them with the countless “tesserae” he had collected in his personal world’s discovery.

Bravura’s works have been acquired by various institutions, museums, banking houses and private collections in Europe, Russia and the United States of America.

bravura Haystackhaystacks

His works have been featured in exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including the Venice Art Biennial 2011, and the IV Moscow Biennial.


Under his supervision the Institute Artistique Antonin in Beirut, Lebanon, has been created in cooperation with Ravenna Municipality, the CPFP and the Pere Antonin.

bravura_floating carpet

He has produced many public works; his “Ardea Purpurea” monument in Ravenna, has been included  in the list of SUA ( Adriatic Unesco Sites). He has created the mosaic works of the Ravenna Festival award and of the Giustiniano award for Art and Culture.

Visit his website:




Final note:

I have been a great admirer of Marco Bravura’s works ever since I set my eyes on them. The ever-changing detail, the dynamics of the tesserae in his works always captivates me and triggers a strong emotion in me. If you know my personal works you will understand that he has been a great inspiration. I feel honoured to have been invited to collaborate and help organize this very unique mosaic retreat workshop with Marco Bravura in Tarusa where he has been living since 2009.

Let’s take advantage of this wonderful opportunity together and make this happen and come along with me and include another unique city that you have visited to your souvenirs of travels.