Mosaikashop Nomad is Lost In Transition ; or, Suzanne sells her mosaics in Montreal | Mosaikashop Nomad est ‘Lost In Transition’; ou, Suzanne vend ses mosaïques à Montréal.



Mosaikashop qui est devenu Mosaikashop Nomad depuis avril et je me considère Lost In Transition . Cela explique le grand silence de mes blogs. Je prends le temps de me préparer pour une nouvelle aventure qui finalement prendra le temps que cela prendra! L’Italie c’est l’Italie et un départ ce n’est jamais vite fait.

Dès que je retrouve mon esprit Mosaikashop je vous reviendrais avec une autre formule de blog qui sera intitulé Mosaikashop Nomad Chronicles…à venir très bientôt.

Mosaikashop has become Mosaikashop Nomad since April and since I consider myself as being Lost In Transition. This explains my silence in posting my blogs. I am taking the time to prepare for a new adventure and it will take the time it needs! Italy is Italy and leaving cannot be done so fast.

As soon as I get my Mosaikashop spirit back I will be back with a new blog post formula which will be entitled Mosaikashop Nomad Chronicles…coming soon!


En preparation pour mon départ ‘définitif’ de Montréal je fais le vide de mes oeuvres et aussi ma maison. Le tout sera fait en 2 étapes, voici la première étape, les mosaïques…

In preparation for my ‘permanent’ departure from Montreal I am selling my mosaic works and then will pursue with my home. The liquidating of my home will be in two steps, first the mosaics…

Les tapis en mosaïques:

Voici une selection de mes oeuvres des tapis orientals en mosaïques. La collection complète est numérotée de #1 à #36. Je les fais depuis 2007. Toutes ces oeuvres dans cette vente ont été fabriqué à Montréal. Pour des raisons d’économies de temps les info sont laissé en anglais car facilement déchiffrable en français. Merci pour votre compréhension!

Here you will find a selection of my works from the collection of my oriental rugs, the collection is numbered from #1 to # 36, in the making since 2007. These rugs were all made in Montreal.


#3. Kilim1. Central Anatolia.

  • Mexican smalti, marble, gold.
  • (28cm X 70cm). 
  • July 2008 – February 2009 (December 2010 installation)
  • ($1500)



#10. Kilim2. Central Anatolia.

  • Mexican smalti, marble, gold.
  • (30cmX 84cm)
  • December 2010 – February 2011 (March installation)
  • ($3000)



#12. Sample. Composition according to a sample pattern carpet (vagireh) Bijar, Persia, 19th Century.

  • Italian smalti, marble, gold.
  • (50cm x 30cm)  
  • August 2011.
  • ($700) SOLD!



#22. ’Lazy Lines’; or, Suzanne out of her box.  Under the direction of Marcelo de Melo. 2015.

  • Lazy Lines
  • Raku, smalti, gold
  • 40cmX40cm
  • ($1500)



#28. Turkmen; or, Suzanne out of her box. Collaboration work with Romuald Mesdagh of Artefact. 2016.

  • Smalti, fimo, wire, beads, gold
  • ($1500)



#2 Egyptian Fantasy. 2018.

  • 43cmX62cm
  • Made in Montreal with left hand and right hand
  • ($425)



#4 Egyptian Fantasy. 2018

  • 58cm X 122cm
  • Made in Montreal
  • ($600)



#8 Egyptian Fantasy; or, My Shell Collection. 2018

  • 46cm X62 cm
  • Made in Montreal
  • ($375) SOLD!

Tribute to Frida Kahlo


Frida’s Shoulder and her parrot (detail). 2012

  • 10cm X15 cm
  • Made in Montreal
  • ($275) SOLD!


Monkey See, Monkey Do (detail). 2012

  • 12cm X 17cm
  • Made in Montreal
  • ($275)

Designed by Mosaika

img_8263img_8264Hand of Fatima. 2002

  • Hand glazed ceramic tiles and gold leaf glass mosaic
  • Designed by Mosaika
  • ($3000)




Uzbekistan Suzani textile inspired embroderie round mosaic table. 2004

(published in the newspaper!)

  • 50cm width X 51cm height
  • Bisazza vitreous glass tiles
  • Made in Montreal
  • ($500)

Early primitive works


Camel Table. 2000.

  • Made in Dubai
  • 39cm width X 49 cm height
  • ($150) SOLD!



51 Camels. 2000. 

  • 70 cm X 1meter
  • Bisazza glass mosaic tiles
  • Made in Dubai.
  • can be hung or made as tabletop
  • ($500) This is the very first mosaic oriental rug themed mosaic I made!!! (SOLD!)



Arabesque indoor dining table with Roche Bobois inspired wrought iron frame ( 1997)

  • 140 cm diameter
  • Made in Dubai
  • ($600)

Tools and books from Mosaikashop Nomad



New but used glass nippers once for my workshop at the museum in August.

  • 35$ each



Ciment spatula specially made for mosaics. Made in Italy, Pietrasanta!

  • 25$


New hammer for mosaics 450gr one side steel the other tungsten

  • 125$



Used studio hammer. Steel on both sides for marble.

  • $80



All these books signed by the author Felice Nitolo

  • 15$ each all it Italian except the one on Ines Morigi Berti



Book by Felice Nitolo

  • 20$ english and italian


Beautiful book on Felice Nitolo

  • 45$ Italian and English



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