Mid-September News Flash: Reminders! Rappels!

Monday, September 17 at 7pm Martin Cheek will be giving a talk.

“The creative process:  inspiration for mosaic”.

Martin Cheek graduated in graphic design from Exeter College of Art & Design in 1981. Having made award winning films as a student, he subsequently worked on several puppet animation projects including “The Wind in the Willows” “Paddington Bear” “Noddy in Toyland” and “Portland Bill”. He then set up his own production company Cheeky Films Ltd.

For many years Martin was a part time lecturer at the Royal College of Art in London. He is a former art critic for the Daily Express and now works full time as a professional mosaic artist in Broadstairs, England. Martin is regularly commissioned by both private and corporate clients as well as by museums. His work also appears in leading national magazines and newspapers as well as on television. His weekend courses in the UK and abroad continue to be popular with students from all over the world keen to learn the art of making mosaic. Over 2000 people have now attended Martin’s courses.
“Mosaic is becoming more and more popular both as an art form and as a decorative medium. I regard my mosaic work as a logical progression from animation, both of which involve building a coherent whole, displaying character and movement, from thousands of tiny elements. I am particularly inspired by the natural world and relish the challenge of capturing its organic grace in such a seemingly uncompromising medium.”
Martin wrote one of the first Mosaic Art books and had the first mosaic website in 1994.  His world renowned mosaics are coveted by collector’s and his classes by students worldwide.

Come meet the artist and get inspired! Reserve your spot. There is a cover charge of 10$ for all the tasty goodies Suzanne will make and have. RSVP please by Friday, Sept 15.

Événement à venir 28-29 septembre : Les Journées de la Culture au 7240 Clark!

Même formule Picassiette format 5X7. Visitez le site web pour toutes les informations sur cette activité.




Sur tous les activités de ce weekend riche en activité!

Montreal cultural days! Next big event to come. September 28-29 on 7240 Clark, same Picassiette 5X7 format. Visit the links above to get the full programming of the Mosaikashop event and all the other events too.

À voir absolument! Must see!

L’exposition Picassiette à L’Espace S, c’est jusqu’au 3 octobre!

The Picassiette exhibition at L’Espace S is on until October 3!

Dates des atelier à venir!


 Weekend intensif : 12 octobre, 2 novembre, 7 décembre.

 5 semaines de jour : 19 septembre ,24 octobre, 28 novembre.

5 semaines de soir : 25 septembre, 30 octobre.

Voir site web. www.mosaikashop.com pour toutes les informations détaillées sur ce cours.

MOSAIQUE ROMAINE  non disponible pour le moment

MOSAIQUE PICASSIETTE   6 octobre, 10 novembre, 1 décembre ou en semaine, sur rendez-vous.

MOSAIQUE HOMMAGE À HUNDERTWASSER  22 septembre, 27 octobre, 24 novembre

La mosaïque pour les enfants : écoles, anniversaires, fête, etc…  sur rendez vous! (514) 582-7476

Septembre c’est le grand mois de la rentrée! Réservez vos places pour nos cours. Mosaikashop est super bien installé dans le nouveau local, plein de lumière naturelle! Venez nous voir et admirer les étudiants au travail. Je vous rappel nos heures! Les voici :

Mercredi: 14h-17h
Jeudi: 14h-20h
Vendredi: 12h-16h
Samedi: 10h-16h

September is ‘back to school’, even though it never is really at Mosaikashop! The new space is really lovely with all the natural light which everybody gets to have at the same time! Come by to visit and admire my students at work. The opening hours are noted above.