Mosaikashop going to Vancouver, BC, Canada

Please note in your calendar 2013 


 Mosaikashop is going to Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada for a weekend class July 12, 2013

Suzanne will be teaching the Mosaika method which is a combination of the direct and indirect method to produce and 8X8inch square. The course is based on her masterly skill of teaching the precise technique of cutting ceramic tiles, smalti or vitreous glass. She will pass on all her secrets on how to produce a most professional mosaic, even if you are a beginner! Materials are not included but you may purchase them online. Make sure that if you use a combination of different materials that they are of the same thickness. As for the design, get inspired from my students 8X8 mosaics. Please not too many details, no faces, and make sure the design has curves.

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 Reserve your spot now! The price is $285. No deposits required until June 2013.  When you reserve your spot, I shall send you a list of what to bring and links to where you can purchase your tiles, even from Mosaikashop if you like! I will be bringing some unique materials that you can  add to your project. Questions?

Do not hesitate to write or if you want to call please do so:

 (514) 582-7476