Rug and Mosaic tour of Italy with Stefano Ionescu and Suzanne Spahi




Dear friends,

After much effort I am happy to present this unusual tour which is based on personal experiences of Stefano Ionescu, passionate about rugs and pavements and Suzanne Spahi, passionate about mosaics. The tour is organized by Stefano who will take us on a most unique visit through some enchanting parts of Italy. Please read the information below for all details.

The tour is a hop on hop off option of 5 legs; you can do the northern part or just the southern part, or ideally both.

We’ll all meet in Como (3 nights), which is a most relaxing and beautiful place. (Milan Malpensa or Linate airports are just 1 hour drive). Here we will visit Italy’s most famous silk makers, Ratti and Mantero. Than we will travel by comfortable private coach to Milan, Torino and Pavia, visiting the main attractions and meeting top dealers and collectors. On September 19 we will attend the opening of Sartirana Textile Show which became Europe’s major textile event, organised by Alberto Boralevi.

From Milan we’ll fly to Sicily (2 nights) where we’ll discover the wonderful Arab-Norman architecture in Palermo and Monreale. (People who wish to hop on in Palermo section should fly to Palermo the 19th Sept and people will be assisted if they wish, to arrange the flight to Palermo the 19th Sept)

Then we’ll fly to Naples and spend 4 nights in the fabulous Villa Angelina, once belonging to the ship-owner Achile Lauro; our program includes some of the most enchanting places in the Mediterranean: Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello and Capri, which offer unmatched combination of natural beauty, pleasant climate, culture and… gastronomy.

At the end all the roads drive to Rome… During our stay here we will visit some wonderful sites with early mosaics which probably you have not seen in your previous trips.

Finally we will reach Florence where Alberto Boralevi will introduce us to the Bardini Museum.

Alternatively you can travel to Byzantine Ravenna with Suzanne and have a 3 night stay where you will get a guided visit tour of byzantine mosaic sight with The Mosaic School of Ravenna. You will have the option of taking a one day course on how to do a sample of a byzantine style mosaic. Or you can stay on to take the full 5 day course.

On Stefano’s site there are images from the past tours he has organized.

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TRIP TO ITALY 2013 brochure