Structural Mosaic Workshop by Marcelo de Melo @ Spazio S Ravenna, Italy May 11-14, 2017. Limited Places!


Spazio S in Ravenna, Italy, is proud to host Marcelo de Melo

 May 11 to 14, 2017.

Come learn the Structural Mosaic Technique unique to Marcelo de Melo, which he developed over a period of several years. It is a delicate work and requires good coaching. Any participant with a basic skill in cutting tesserae can have a very rewarding experience during the workshop.

Reservations and questions:

About this workshop:

Workshop ‘Structural Mosaics’ [20 hours]

This workshop is aimed at those with a previous experience in mosaic making. Participants will be taught an advanced 3‐D technique that uses tesserae as structural elements. Here, mosaics are not merely applied to embellish or decorate surfaces. They also form an integral part of the structure of the work, contributing to its stability. The sculpture LowTech HighRes is an example of a work created with this technique and was awarded a prize at the Picassiette Exhibition in Chartres in 2016.

Day 1: Introduction to the structural 3-D technique

[5hs-9:30-3:00pm 30min for lunch]

I will explain the idea behind the structural works, and instruct the participants how to make the inner part of their sculpture.

Skills: measuring and cutting the wire mesh; building a shape; applying and priming the plaster; design planning.

Day 2: Pattern/Andamento/Applying Tesserae

[5hs-9:30-3:00pm 30min for lunch]

I will present options for transferring a pattern onto a curved surface. Also, I will explain how to work with tesserae on concave and convex areas and how to handle wet areas [3-D work].

Skills: design transfer/marking; placing tesserae on curves surfaces; negotiating wet 3‐D structures and understanding tesserae as structural elements.

Day 3: Working the front and/or back of the sculpture

[5hs-9:30-3:00pm 30min for lunch]

On the 3rd day, the workshop will move from a generic to a more individualized approach. All the participants will have chosen different shapes and patterns to work with and I will start addressing projects on a 1‐to‐1 basis.

Skills: deciding on colour and finishes [grouting or not the work].

 Day 4: Finishing off the Sculpture

[5hs-9:30-3:00pm 30min for lunch]

On the 4th day, I will help the participants to negotiate the remaining work load and coach them on finishing off the work.

Skills: Cleaning, polishing and finalizing the sculptures [curves edges, etc].

Notes: This workshop is designed for a maximum of 7 participants

>Suggested work size: 25 x 25 cm [2 sides = 50 x 50 cm total area]

>A certificate of participation will be provided at the end of the workshop.

>The basic materials will be provided.

*Book Fast! First come first served!*

Spaces are limited to 7 people.

Price: €600 (Euro) per participant for the workshop only.

IMPORTANT a €300 (Euro) deposit required upon reservation. Date limit for refunds if you cancel is May 1, no reimbursement after that date. If workshop is canceled you get the full deposit returned.

-Additional fees apply for guided visit.

-Transport, museum tickets, lunch fees are not included .

-Valeria and Suzanne will organize for the group a farewell lunch or dinner (no fee).

Reservations and questions:

What to do around Ravenna

Suzanne Spahi and/or Valeria Ercolani will be at your service to show you around Ravenna and will be available to chaperon you around Venice if you wish to do a day trip. We will organize for you, upon request, an official private guide from Ravenna to take you around the historical sights for an additional fee.

Where to stay

Here  are  some places we recommend for your stay. Please contact them directly, via their email or their website for reservations they are all at a short walking distance from the studio.

B&B A casa di Ale

Via Alfredo Baccarini, 33

+39 348 419 8773

B&B Al Teatro

Via Guaccimanni, 38

48121 Ravenna (RA)

B&B del Cercchio

Via Cerchio 32

48124 Ravenna (RA)

The workshop will take place at the mosaic studio of Valeria Ercolani and Suzanne Spahi:


Valeria E. Spazio S Mosaici

Via A. Baccarini 66

Ravenna, (RA)


We are situated in the heart of historical Ravenna.

Ravenna is mosaic!