Short Trip to Italy: Florence, Livorno, Pisa, Venice and Rome.


In Florence, it was an honor for me to be amongst the top mosaic artists from around the world!


The infamous Giulio Menossi, his works are just a treat and infinite game for our eyes. He is a child at heart, I love his works. It was an honor for me to have Alberto Boralevi come to see my latest mosaic rug, he is a true rug lover whatever the art means it is in.


I was delighted to see Sabina, we had a lovely time together inspecting in all their details all these fabulous and original mosaics, so very inspiring.


Want to see more photos about the exhibition please see the pictures of Alessandro Pucci. Here is just a collage of his photos click on his blog for more. His photos are better than mine of course!

Livorno-Pisa with Sabina

The next day of the show I spent 2 days with Sabina, ah she is a great tour guide, the highlight of the days was a Modigliani tribute exhibition and the leaning tower of Pisa!


Then I was off to Venice, to savor the outside beauty…


but mostly the ultimate and infinite beauty of Venice is to be found especially on the inside, the museums are exquisite!


In Venice one feels free and in an other world. Now everyday I dream of Venice.

photo 2

This is my mosaic Venice tribute I made before my trip to bring me luck. It is made according to a painting by Ferdinand du Puigaudeau (1864-1930) Veduta di Venezia, Santa Maria della Salute. The mosaic measures 22cmx28cm, it is made of smalti, marble, gold and my friend Alexandra Pennycook painted the sky for me!  I traveled with it and I am proud to say that it now lives in Italy, I am very jelous of my works but it is like a part of me living there!


It was a short stop in Rome, to see my dear friends Fabio and Fulvio who will be coming to Montreal, for some exclusive and unique classes, so stay tuned!