Miniature Mosaics: Suzanne going to Austin, Texas May 7, 8, 9, 2015 at Blue Moon Glassworks




Blue Moon is excited to host internationally recognized mosaic artist Suzanne Spahi of the famed MosaikaShop in Montreal, Quebec.  Suzanne has exhibited her exquisite miniature oriental rugs internationally and is proud to be invited to share her method and her secrets.


In this course, you will learn the fine art of creating miniature mosaics using Mexican smalti, millefiori and gold. Suzanne will teach her precise techniques for these small and intricate mosaics as she does in her oriental rugs.  We will learn the process through working with the designs of the charming and colourful works of Hundertwasser.

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She will transmit her skill of how to use the wheeled nipper to do precision cuts of small pieces that are 3mm squares and 3×5 mm rectangles. She will explain how to combine them with bigger pieces to bring balance to the work visually. Students will be taught the ‘Mosaika Method’, from her sister company Mosaika. They are famous for their large scale mosaics. You surely know their works, as many of them have been installed here in Texas!


Suzanne is meticulous in her teaching, and students will be individually guided constantly on the working method. The instructor will pass on all her little tricks of her trade. The last day of the class students will learn the delicate process of transferring the mosaic onto the wood surface and will explain the colored glue recipe. Mastering this transfer process took Suzanne 5 years! The mosaics are decorative for hanging. The pieces will involve no grouting as the small pieces would lose their charm with grout.


The designs: The subject is based on the works of Hundertwasser, the design pattern you get will be a surprise! Each student will be given a different one. Of course, you are most welcome to trade with your colleagues.

What this workshop involves mentally:


-Quiet atmosphere (soft music is great) for concentration, it is required when working small

-Chatting kept to a minimum so Suzanne can give full individual attention

Included in the class fee:

Smalti: 1 lb

Substrate: 5×7″

Adhesives and colorants

Not included:

Millefiori, 24 K gold smalti, other materials you may choose to use

Students will need to bring:

Mosaic glass nippers

Tea towel

Mosaic tweezers

Three Day Course:

Thursday through Saturday, May 7-9, 2015


Cost: $495 (includes lunch each day, and most materials)


Blue Moon Glassworks

108 W. 43rd Street

Austin, TX 78751

512-380-0770 (call to register or get more information)